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a greener spring cleaning

Touched off by my search for a flame-retardant free mattress for my son, as well as a general shift to cleaner and more organic eating, I’ve de-chemicalized my cleaning routines. Pinterest has a plethora of ideas for homemade and chemical-free household cleaners, and I’ve made some great switches. Previously I used a diluted Mrs. Meyers fragrant… Continue reading a greener spring cleaning

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The search for a clean(er), green(er) mattress

Photo credits: Christina Castro on Flickr and Cotton Cloud Futon The time has come for us to purchase a new mattress for our three-year-old. He’s been sleeping on a queen size futon for a couple years now. He never slept well in a crib so we eventually just put the futon mattress we had for… Continue reading The search for a clean(er), green(er) mattress