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Refreshing the kids’ bedroom

Over the past couple months, I’ve been working on a little makeover in our boys’ room. They are finally both sleeping in there! And I really wanted to lighten up the walls and refresh the decor.

First, a little history. Before we had children, this room was my creative studio space and (very occasionally) a guest room. We had a desk in there, my art supplies, and a pull-out sofa bed from Ikea.


When I was pregnant with our first son, we transformed the room into a nursery. We painted the walls a dark chocolate brown and chose white furniture for a nice contrast.

Eventually, we used the pull-out bed for our toddler. This arrangement helped with co-sleeping and sneaking away!



I am happy to report they are enthusiastically sharing the room now at ages five and almost three.

To save space, we bought them a trundle bed. This has worked out great because we can roll the lower bed under the other bed during the day so they have more room to play. We’ll upgrade to bunk beds when they are both old enough–for now, we’re too nervous about falls. The trundle has worked out great.

Here we are looking down the hall and into their room:


The biggest change I made (besides the new trundle bed) was the wall color. I painted the walls my favorite light, chalky gray: Moonshine by Benjamin Moore. I have used this color extensively throughout the rest of the house as well.

Here you can see how the trundle works for two sleepers:



And then during the day, the lower bed tucks away:


My other goals for the room were to just keep it nice and bright and neutral so that the colorful toys and textiles could take center stage. Although two boys share this room, I also hoped to keep it gender-neutral and avoid any specific theme so that we can easily change things over time to suit their interests.


Soon, we shouldn’t need the changing table anymore and we’ll find a new solution to hold lots of books and toys. For now, toys live in the bins under the changing table and books and toys occupy the various shelves. We also have an antique cabinet (stripped and re-painted) to hold toys:

The wall decorations are a combination of my older son’s artwork, a black and white photograph of the boys, a beautiful quilt we were gifted for our first son, a butterfly painting my grandfather painted when I was a girl, a homemade felt banner, and some other framed pictures I’ve collected over the years.









We keep all of their clothes in the closet so we haven’t needed a dresser in here. That may change as they get older.


We also keep lots of toys in their closet and I try to rotate the toys they have available at any given time so that they don’t get too bored of their toys. We also put a soft wool rug on the floor to make playing comfortable and cozy.


And no. Their room is usually nowhere near this tidy and put together! I kicked them out on a sunny day so I could clean up for pictures.




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