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The dining room is “done” for now

When I last posted about my dining room, I still had a few tweaks I wanted to make:


I wanted two additional chairs, a rug, something for the blank space, and planned to paint the little desk in the corner. I’d still like to paint the desk, but for now the room is done. I exhausted myself looking for different accent chairs for the ends of the table. Eventually I decided to just get two more that match. I added kind of a crazy-person rug and worried mis-matched chairs would just add to the visual chaos.

For the same reason, I’ve actually decided that I like that big blank space on the wall. It gives the eye a little rest and makes the white light fixture really pop against the grey background.


I’ve had this rug for a few months now and it’s been wonderful. I know it seems nuts to put a rug in a dining room with young kids but this pattern hides everything. Everything. I think I actually vacuum less now because the crumbs and dried play dough are all hidden. The rug is also protecting the hardwood floors from all the wear-and-tear of the chairs sliding. And it’s just cozy. Here is a little more detail of the rug:


What I’m learning with this crazy-person rug and the pink rug in my living room, is that everything else in the room has to be neutral and sparse. I call them crazy-person rugs because if I am not very careful about decorating properly around them, it starts to look like a color and pattern maniac resides in the home. Hmmmm….maybe I am a little nuts for color and pattern.

I put one large white pumpkin in the center of the table to decorate for October. Orange just does not fit with this color palette, so white it is. One of those light green pumpkins could work too. I’m really enjoying how the light fixture and white pumpkin relate to one another.


Now, in full disclosure I’m not a super big fan of this table. The wood tone is darker than my taste, but the kids are really hard on our table so I haven’t felt inclined to splurge on an upgrade. I’m also not sure exactly what I would prefer, I’m having a hard time nailing down my style these days. Eventually…



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