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cozy and pretty master bedroom updates

One’s bedroom should always be a welcome retreat from the stresses of life. A comfortable mattress, clean sheets, soft lighting, and soothing colors cover the basics, but to make a bedroom a true haven pretty accessories and handsome furniture certainly help.

Our bedroom has been fine by most standards, but it’s definitely taken a back seat in the decorating department. For some time, I’ve known that we really need a headboard and a rug to anchor the bed and define the room. The room itself is large with a lovely hardwood floor and great natural light, but filling it in with all the necessary furniture to make a cozy and luxurious retreat has happened very slowly over time. We painted the walls and purchased dressers and bedside tables after we moved in, but then I sort of hit the “pause” button on this room. For quite some time, it’s been obvious to me that we needed a headboard, rug, and a larger duvet something fierce. I present you with the “before.”


Meh. I mean, it wasn’t terrible it just didn’t feel finished or luxurious or particularly special. So, over the past few months I’ve prioritized a few changes to breathe some more life into this space.


Isn’t that better! Just a few tweaks really made a difference.

I didn’t end up buying a headboard yet because we have been waffling for years on up-sizing to a king-sized bed. The room is large enough to accommodate a bigger bed and since one or both of our children often like to pile in with us, it makes sense to upgrade. I haven’t wanted to buy a headboard in case we get a bigger bed. Our current queen-size mattress set is in great condition and super comfortable, so we haven’t felt the rush.

Still, I needed something to build some height above the head of the bed. I decided on two oversize black-and-white photos of the kids. Paired with a generous stack of pillows, it works (at least temporarily) to give some definition to the head of the bed. Plus those two cuties make my heart smile every time I glance at them.


I’ve also long craved a cozy, quiet, warm wool rug to step onto in the morning. I ended up getting the largest size the room could accommodate, again in case we up-size to a king bed, the rug will still work. I can’t say enough good things about having this rug! I knew I wanted wool and I searched for something patterned that would work with the light gray tonal look I’ve been going for. The walls, curtains, bedskirt, and now rug are all similar light to medium grays bringing a soothing cocoon-like feeling to the whole room. Here is a little more detail of the rug.


I styled out my bedside nightstands with books, artwork, blankets, and accessories. I’ve built up quite the collection of hand crocheted colorful vintage blankets that I enjoy using all over the house. They bring little pops of color to otherwise dark or drab corners.





That center accent pillow is made out of one of my antique flour sacks I used to collect in Vermont. And I up-sized to a king duvet and tucked it under the mattress for a tidy look for the photos. I definitely recommend using a king size duvet on a queen bed because the ones made for queen beds are always too stubby.

Looking at these photos helped me realize I could really use a bench or something at the end of the bed as well to really anchor the space. If you’re ever trying to figure out what your space is asking for, try taking some photos to look at–it has often helped me figure out exactly what a room really needs.

I used some of the lessons I learned in the book Styled to arrange the accessories and artwork. You can check out my review of this helpful book here.


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