new rug in the dining room

I’ve been sharing the process of updating my dining room. After tidying and getting my house organized last year, I’ve needed to layer in more pretty accessories to make our house feel more beautiful and cozy. My dining room was feeling a bit empty and the wood floors were taking a beating. After many hours of research, I settled on a 7×10 polypropylene fiber rug that is low maintenance and pretty. The pattern is busy enough to hide food and spills, and the synthetic fiber is easy to wipe clean and periodically steam clean as needed. The colors needed to be compatible with the pink wool rug in the adjoining living room, so I searched high and low for a rug that had some pink tones.


I’ll post more pictures as the room continues to come together. In the meantime, you can check out my last post about the dining room, or my earlier post about choosing the right rug for your space. If you have a rug obsession like I do, follow my dedicated rug board on Pinterest!



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