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gallery wall around the TV

Lately I’ve been focusing my energy refreshing our living and dining rooms where we spend most of our waking hours. My living room got a new rug this past year, new curtains, a cute round coffee table, and throws and pillows. I also styled out our bookshelves and made some electronics less obvious.

The room has still felt unfinished to me… until now! I’ve known for at least a year that I really needed to fill in the wall space around our TV. With no artwork surrounding it, the TV screamed “HI” every time I glanced at that wall. This “before” shot makes me shudder.


I had plenty of artwork already available in storage, so I just needed to stop being lazy and kindly ask my husband to remove the kiddos from the equation for about two hours.

I’ve found the best way to design a gallery wall is to cut out paper in the sizes of the artwork and tack them up with painter’s tape until the arrangement looks right. I don’t really have any “rules” I just move and shift the paper around until the layout feels balanced. It took me about an hour of fussing with the cut-outs to get to this point.


I wasn’t sure I’d be able to keep the large framed pieces in their existing locations, but after removing them and trying a few different options, I hung them back up and realized they work to bring some symmetry to the arrangement.


Voila! Isn’t that better?! And look at those lovely Mother’s Day peonies being all beautiful and perfect.

The two largest framed pieces on either side are both antique flour sacks; I used to collect vintage linens when we lived in Vermont. The blue and black water color painting on the upper left is a stegosaurus picture my son made. The two stacked paintings (and the one hiding behind the framed photo and vase) are my own paintings I made about eight years ago. The smaller pieces in the top center are a vintage black and white photograph and a print of bicycles.



You can read about my earlier living room updates here and see my kitchen gallery wall here.


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