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changes in the dining room

I’ve posted about my dining room previously, but I am once again embarking on some updates to refresh this space and make it work better for our family. This room is one of the busiest in the house. We eat all our meals here, my desk is tucked in a corner, and crafts and play dough regularly cover the table during the day. It’s also open to the living room and right next to the kitchen making it the heart of the first floor.

I’ve made many changes to this space over the years. We used to have a white Saarinen pedestal table, but it was too tiny for the space and too tiny for a growing family. We had a dark wool floral rug in earth tones, but I eventually tired of the colors and it was hard to keep clean with messy kids. I refreshed a set of chairs several years ago with white paint, but eventually those weren’t working for us either.


Most recently we added a set of four chairs that are a close match to the table color. The table is an Ikea piece from a few years back. The “espresso” finish is too dark for my taste and the veneers on the surface are peeling in a few spots. I would like to replace it eventually, but it takes such a beating from the kids so I’m nervous a new table would make me nuts. I like to be able to just let them do anything to the table and not worry.


In addition to the chairs, I also finally swapped out the “boob” light fixture that was here when we moved in with a pretty capiz shell chandelier. The new light fixture along with the white curtains and pink rug in the living room have really transformed the first floor of our house into a more beautiful space.


Finally, another goal for this space is to add more storage. Ever since my big tidy last year, the storage provided by the one dresser has been enough but really… we still need more. We recently added the shoe cabinet in one corner to hold magazines, craft supplies, and sunscreen. We do stash some of the kids’ shoes in one of the compartments. It’s also a cute place to display a few decorative items.



One of the corners holds a small table for the kids. Eventually they will outgrow this table and we can put another cabinet or some shelves here for more storage.


The room still feels unfinished. I’ve been craving some more color and texture in the room, and I’ve noticed that the bare wood floors are really taking a beating from the chairs and goodness-knows-what-else that slides across the surface 100 times a day. So, I ordered a rug for the space. I know, I know that’s a little crazy considering at least 50% of the food I serve somehow ends up on the floor. But, I am pretty confident the rug I picked will solve more problems than it creates so I am looking forward to seeing if I love it as much as I think I will.


We also need two more chairs. It feels so unfinished with empty table ends. I’d also like to paint the little desk white to match the other furniture. And I’m still not sure how to resolve the big blank space along the back wall. A plate wall? Shelves? A longer sideboard? Plants? A wall mural?


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