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I love when someone rounds up a bunch of random stuff that they like or want. What are those called? Product round-ups? Usually it’s someone famous or a lifestyle expert or something. Well, this is just humble little me and my lust list. December feels like a good time to dream big, right?

First up is the lovely “phases of the moon” tapestry from SaltandStill on Etsy. I think it would look beautiful hanging on a door or above the bed. Next, that apron from Anthropologie–wearing that would make even dish washing feel slightly glamorous. Aren’t those earrings pretty? They could really dress-up jeans and a silk top.

I’ve noticed the trend with boots these days is to go a bit shorter and not tuck your jeans in. These would look really cute on Portland’s drabbest days and hopefully keep my feet dry and toasty.

Oh, there is another Anthro product… the plates. I would love to hang a set of those on my dining room wall.

Next up, that beautiful foil stamped map of Portland from Minted. The Willamette River almost looks like a lightning bolt here.

And finally, my favorite lotion. The scent is super feminine and powdery, and I am always looking to restock.

Now, fingers crossed my husband is reading my blog these days!

If you like seeing random things I like, follow me on Pinterest. All these (and more) are on my “objects of desire” board.




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