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progress in the living room

In a previous post, I detailed aspects of my living room that I want to change. I started by swapping out the gold curtains for white ones. Then I found the perfect little 24″ round walnut coffee table. It was tricky finding a round coffee table that allows enough space for people to move and sit comfortably. Most options I looked at were way too big.


I also finally got the drill out and made a hole in the back of the bookcase. Then I was able to move the speaker, modem, and router down. Now the electronics blend in better with the surrounding accessories and don’t scream “LOOK AT ME” when people walk by. I also hung two baskets on the wall above the shelves to visually raise the ceiling. It was fun to unwrap some of my vases and accessories and finally put them out again. I have to make sure everything breakable is high enough to avoid little hands.





I still want a new rug and I would like to move the credenza back into the dining room. I will need a new solution for the TV and hopefully more shelves to display books and accessories.

living room at


3 thoughts on “progress in the living room

  1. Love the white curtains! They “freshen” up any space! My modem/router situation is pretty bad: naked and dusty and right by the couch. I’m going to need to get my act together, too, and put them in a basket on a shelf or something!

    1. Thank you! Ugh yes, electronics are often necessary and often ugly. Mine sat on the top of those shelves for four long years and it only took about a half an hour to finally fix. Good luck with yours.

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