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Kitchen gallery wall and Roman shades


Over the years we’ve lived here, I’ve attempted to pretty-up this little wall in my kitchen. As you can see, our electric panel lives here… yuck! At one point I put some magnets and photos on it in a feeble attempt to hide it. Uh, no. That didn’t work.

I researched various methods of hiding these buggers and stumbled on a truly brilliant idea. It’s beyond me why I didn’t think to do this myself: hang a framed picture over it. Whoa!

The tricky part is that the picture needed to be smooshed up against the door frame and well, no one would hang a picture there. So, I needed to disguise its odd placement with a gallery wall. Ta da!


Pretty cute now. I also finally splurged on some custom Roman shades for the windows on the door and over the sink. Sorry I never bothered to take a “before” picture of the windows. The door window was bare and the one over the sink had a dirty and heavy set of white wood blinds.





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