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bathroom facelift

I recently embarked on a mini bathroom facelift to breathe some new life into this busy space. You see that vintage tile in the above photo? It didn’t always look like that. Before we bought this place, someone (likely the developer) thought it would be a good idea to paint over that rosy border tile with thick black shiny paint.

It looked odd and wasn’t holding up. There was black paint flaking everywhere and the damaged surface gave the tiles a chipped and worn appearance. We considered ripping the tile out and replacing the floor–but that was way too expensive. We considered just replacing the border tile with a wooden baseboard. Before investigating that idea further, I wanted to see what it would look like if I just stripped off the black paint.

I spread a relatively “natural”, gentle, and less-stinky paint stripper on the paint and waited. It was gross. Eventually I was able to scoop the paint off to reveal the rosy original tile beneath. It took several times of applying the stripper and using various tools to remove the paint, the best tool being a flat edged razor blade.

Once the black paint was gone, it was clear that the original tile looked horrible next to the tan walls. I decided to brighten the space and paint the walls Decorator’s White (a Benjamin Moore color).


I hung a new shower curtain and swapped out accessories and artwork.




There were a few small places I needed to repair the original tile, so I just purchased the closest shade of pink I could find in a shiny finish and overall it looks pretty good.


You can see what my bathroom looked like before here.


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