stairway gallery wall

gallery wall2_abodenly

Grouping photographs, paintings, and prints in a pleasing arrangement is a great way to let smaller pieces make a larger impact. Often small, solitary pictures look a little lonely on large walls. Pinterest is filled with gorgeous gallery walls that hang down hallways, behind sofas, and over sideboards. My little gallery wall is a modest one, but it has made a nice difference at the top of my stairs.

My stairway goes straight up and then two more steps turn to the left into the upstairs hallway. It’s a bit dark and the ceiling is quite high. I needed a little arrangement to liven up the corner.

The wooden frame on the right wall holds three family photos. The two paintings and mixed media piece are my own original work, from back when I used to have the space and time to paint. (I will again someday soon!)




And the picture on the bottom is a print of the Ocean City, Maryland boardwalk by Paul DeRemigis. Ocean City was one of my childhood vacation spots and this print was a gift that just always makes me smile.



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