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home tour {toddler and baby room}

toddler baby room at abodenly blog*

My home tour continues today and includes a little announcement: we are expecting another baby boy this spring! We plan to have the new baby sleep in our bedroom for as long as we all decide we like, however eventually both boys will share this room.

For quite some time my son has slept on this floor bed and it’s worked out very well for us. He never like the crib at all and would wake frequently whenever we put him there to sleep. Ever since we transitioned him to the floor bed shortly after he turned a year old, he’s been a much better sleeper. We already had a queen size futon-type fold out bed from Ikea, so we just took it off the frame and placed it on the floor. He loves it!

And we love it because if he needs a little company falling asleep, one of us can just lay down with him and easily sneak away once he is asleep. This has also worked great if he wakes in the middle of the night, which does still happen from time-to-time. And with my pregnancy fatigue, I often just fall asleep too when we lay down for his naps. I love cuddling with him for naps. He asks for a “big hug” and wants to be spooned to sleep. It’s so sweet.

Apparently the floor bed is a Montessori method. I didn’t know this until after we figured out it worked so well for our son. The trick is having the entire room completely childproofed; you can’t see it in these pictures because of the bright sunlight, but we actually have these safety bars over the window and a baby gate in the doorway. We also put the standard plastic plugs in the outlets as well as these covers for added security.

Some people have asked how we get him to stay in the bed. He just does! I’m not sure why. Now that he is getting older he has sometimes decided he doesn’t want to nap so I just let him play in the room quietly by himself. Most of the time he decides to lay down and take a nap after playing or looking at books for awhile. If he doesn’t nap, we just do an earlier bedtime although that’s only happened a few times so far.

toddler room at abodenly*

We do still have the crib set up. Right now it is a big basket for stuffed animals. If baby number two likes the crib, great! If not, we’ll probably get them each a twin size floor bed or let them share the queen (if they want) once the new baby is a toddler too. In the beginning we have a travel crib (Pack and Play) in our room for the baby. We could also move the crib into our bedroom if we decide to. Basically what I learned with my first is to have several sleeping options available and prepare to be flexible!

The curtains were just a random addition and I may look for something else. I like having the room be fairly gender-neutral though so they will likely stay. I had blue curtains up previously and cut them to the length of the window and they looked awful, so I took them down. I had these curtains on hand so up they went. We keep his clothes in the closet for the most part, and toys are in the white cabinet.

You can see the pictures of this room as the original nursery here.

Do you have any tips for having young toddlers and babies room-share? If so, please share in the comments.

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