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home tour {bedroom}

DSCN0191I’m just going to share a few pictures of our bedroom because there are still some much-needed projects to address. Primarily I need a rug (or two rugs) and a headboard. On my gosh do I ever need a headboard. Seeing pictures makes it even more obvious that something needs to anchor that bed and provide some visual height.

Disclaimers aside, I am mostly happy with our bedroom. It’s come a long way since we moved in. Here is the very tan “before” picture. That is a window shade used as a headboard, a good idea except it wasn’t really wide enough. The walls are Band-aid Beige (a.k.a. Builder Beige) just like the rest of our house was when we moved in. The rug is nice and cozy but… green. It didn’t work.


white space

A few years ago, I painted the walls “Eternity” by Benjamin Moore and purchased new furniture. I broke my rule of no matchy furniture and chose a coordinated set, which I am happy with.

I also matched the curtains and bed skirt to the wall color to contribute to the overall soothing scene. At one point, I had a fuzzy, nubby sweater rug under the bed but I moved that to the living room.

I need to hang the painting over the chair a bit higher–it was a temporary solution, but since it seems to be living there indefinitely I might as well hang it at the proper height. Other than needing a headboard (Oh, did I already mention that?) and a new rug, I’m happy with this space.



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