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home tour {dining room & kitchen}

Continuing on with my home tour posts, today I will feature my dining room and humble kitchen. The dining room has gone through several small transformations over the four years we’ve been here. When we moved in, we owned a lovely white mid-century tulip table. I absolutely adored the shape and color, but it was just too small for this space, and it was definitely not practical for a growing family.


We sold the table and purchased an Ikea table mostly as a temporary fix to give us more seats for entertaining. I also wanted something I wouldn’t feel precious about as we knew when we bought it the plan was to have children. I added a rug which made the room very snug and cozy.


(And look at that sweet, sweet Miniature Schnauzer!! We miss him every day.)

Once our baby was twelve months and regularly eating (and dropping and throwing) table foods, the rug just felt less-than-practical. I tried moving the rug to our bedroom but it didn’t work so I sold it at our recent garage sale, and the dining room is rug-less. I also moved that credenza to the living room to anchor our seating area and hold the TV, and moved a white dresser into the dining room. This is what our dining room looks like today.


Dining room set for dinner guests looking into the kitchen.

I do have plans to rearrange the dining room again and do a plate wall. We’ll see!

Our kitchen is the least personalized space in our home and therefore my least favorite. It has very nice cherry cabinets and granite counter tops that I am grateful to have, but stylistically, it’s not really what I would choose if I were building a kitchen. I recently hung some paper lanterns under the cabinets and that adds some nice color and personality to the space. I hung them for a party, but I liked them so much I decided to leave them up indefinitely.




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4 thoughts on “home tour {dining room & kitchen}

  1. I personalized my kitchen with special items, all from craft shows. No one else will have “The Cow Jumped Over the Moon” print or the beautiful crocks in amazing colors. My grandmother’s little pitcher, her crochet potholders, my daughter’s watermelon painting, and the things children made are all around. I am sure that you could find items that make your kitchen zing with your personality of likes. There is no color scheme in the kitchen items, just rules–no orange or brown. Bright colors are the rule there.

  2. Okay, not all things are from craft shows, just some. I also have on a bamboo hanger a hundred year old apron on the wall. Plus, there is a pretty print from the guy who painted The Bounty, a railroad train commissioned by Chattanooga Choo Choo–Tweetsy Railroad in Boone, NC. These are all things I found and loved, so they go together.

    1. Your kitchen sounds adorable! And a bit bigger than mine 🙂 I actually do have some things hanging on the wall I should have included a photo of. And a little hanging terrarium. Content for another post I guess.

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