thrifted treasures

thrifted_goodwillI recently snagged some great treasures from Goodwill for the grand total of $18. I like to shop without purpose sometimes, and the safest place to meander aimlessly with a shopping cart is a second-hand store. That way, even if I find some trappings I can’t live without, I likely won’t break the bank to bring them home.

I actually did have some vague goals for this trip: I wanted to find a bright fabric to make new pillows for the living room, and I hoped to find some plates to use on a plate wall.

These gorgeous pillowcases were a steal. I imagined changing them into throw-pillow covers, but when I saw how lovely they looked on my bed, I decided to use them for their intended purpose.

They feel like a fairly high thread count, were barely (if ever) used, are reversible, and have hidden zippers on the backs. At $1.99 each I couldn’t pass them up. After I washed and dried them, I took a hot iron to the fabric and they look crisp and polished. They inspired a much-needed bed refresh.

I also found a beautiful coordinated European-size sham. I think these pillowcases must have been a set originally. This one was also $1.99 and in excellent shape so I grabbed it to use as a throw pillow cover on the chair in our bedroom. I had a down pillow insert from Ikea that was the perfect size.

To my surprise, I also discovered a bath mat that is awesome: pure white, thick, large, reversible, and thirsty. I’ve seen similar ones in department stores for $30 or more. This one was $2.99 and looked like new. Into the cart it went. It looks great on our mosaic tile floor.

I’ve been hoping to create a plate collage on my dining room wall for some time. I have some bird plates from my late Grandmother I’d like to display, but I’d prefer to mix the bird plates in with some other styles. I found quite a few plates that I liked but I only allowed myself the least expensive picks. These ranged in price from $0.49 – $3.00. I plan to continue to add to this collection and hopefully soon I will have enough to display in the dining room.

Last but not least, I headed over to the book section to check out the children’s book selection. I try to always pick up a book or two for my son when I go to Goodwill because they are cheap. This great little board book about trucks, circa 1984, has a nostalgic eighties vibe and is super cute. He loves it.



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6 thoughts on “thrifted treasures

  1. Great finds! I broke my cake plate several months ago and finally found a beautiful one at a second hand store. Vintage and embossed. They were having a 50% off sale so I got it for $5. Also got a crystal gravy boat that I’ll use for fresh flowers in the guest bath. Also $5! I searched for a year for small metal mirrors to display over my couch. Finally found enough and hung them!
    I love second hand!

    1. Hi Patti, Those are great finds. There is just something sooooo satisfying about finding something perfect second-hand… cheaper and better for the environment too.

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