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In December 2011, we welcomed our first child, a sweet little boy I will just call “S.” Now a busy toddler, his room doesn’t quite look like this anymore! But it makes me smile to see these pictures of how his nursery looked in the weeks before his arrival, just waiting and ready to embrace him.

I originally thought I would paint the walls a soft green, but then I recalled how much I loved the chocolate brown walls in the master bedroom of our previous apartment. Dark walls make a bedroom feel so snug and warm and cozy. I also like how white furniture and bright colors contrast with dark walls, so I took the plunge and we went ahead with the chocolate brown nursery.

I was even able to use the blue curtains I had saved from my previous bedroom, so I ended up with a brown/blue/teal theme with little pops of lime green and fuchsia to keep things lively. The sheets, changing pad cover, and receiving blanket are all polka dots. Instead of a traditional mobile I hung paper star lanterns over his crib. (Of course now he asks to be lifted up so he can bat the stars back and forth so I am considering hanging them lower once we remove the crib. He really enjoys them.)

A friend handmade the absolutely beautiful quilt hanging over the crib. It’s a treasure he will have for the rest of his life. Now we’ve taken it off the wall and we snuggle under it on the rocking chair on chilly nights. The white cupboard is an antique that Ryan and I bought in New England shortly after college. Before placing it in the nursery, Ryan stripped many layers of old paint off and repainted it white. I collected the animal needle-points and bear print from various stores in Portland. The painting over the cupboard is one of my own, Interior With Egg, painted in 2008.

I get a bit wistful looking at these idealistic photos. They seem to capture that sense of awe and anticipation (and the last days of calm!) before our world was turned upside down in the very best ways. I actually laugh at the crib! He slept in various contraptions in our room for the first ten months, and also spent many hours slumbering beside me in bed. And now we are transitioning him to a “big boy” floor bed which he love, love, loves. He never really took to the crib to say the least.


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