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home tour {living room}

It seems that on a blog devoted to home life, a little tour of my humble house is in order. My husband Ryan and I purchased this town home four years ago and, while we haven’t done any major renovations, we’ve slowly made it our own with new paint and furniture. Today, I’ll share our living room with some before and after pictures.

When we first moved in, our entire town home was painted what I call Band-Aid beige. It was a generic, builder-grade “color” that was kind of a drag. The walls were also a bit shiny so the entire place had a sort of skin-like sheen. Basically, it was bland and boring but not so terrible that I painted immediately. We wanted to live in the space for a bit before choosing colors. Here is a view from the day we moved in:


You can see everything is kind of the same color. The walls, sofa, rattan, chairs, rug, and even the lampshade are all in the beige/cream family. (Of course, the cutest part of this picture is our dear sweet miniature schnauzer Miles who recently passed away. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see him in my home photos from time to time. He was a pro photo bomber and you may see his sweet face from time to time. You will also get to know my other little dog, Bodhi.)

Later, once everything was set up and I hung curtains, it was a little better but still pretty bland overall.


About two years ago, I embarked on a little living room refresh project that involved painting the walls, buying a new sofa, hanging new artwork, and moving some other pieces around. Here is what the room looked like after that stage.


Oh, that is sooooo much better isn’t it?! The walls are no longer Band-Aid beige but are instead a beautiful matte chalky grey. The sofa is more polished and the accessories bring some much needed life and color into the space.

Well, unfortunately I still wasn’t satisfied. The problem was the layout. The television was entirely too far away from the sofa, and the entire room was a walkway from the front door to the dining room. We also went and had ourselves a baby and… well, decor needs to adapt a bit when little ones get thrown into the mix. For about six months we lived with a rather heinous layout that I don’t even have pictures of because it was so awful. The couch was under the window and the TV was against another wall close to the couch and it was just terrible. I finally came to my senses one day when my son was napping, and the new layout just came to me and I moved everything around that instant.




This really has been the best layout yet. Having the sitting area tucked into a corner has made the space much cozier. I also was able to fit in a little desk, and the room is no longer just a walk through to the dining room. I would still like to add more color and change the accessories some.

I still consider my living room a work in progress, and perhaps always will. As I have the time and the money I plan to continue to make changes.

This was just the first post of my home tour, watch for more room reveals in the days ahead.


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